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From Whom to Buy? Contracting Health Services for Improved Cost and Quality in Indonesia

12 Jan 2016

Policy Note #7[1]   Background Through contracting, the BPJS can establish minimum standards—in terms of staff qualifications and infrastructure — that need to be met to be awarded a contract with the BPJS scheme.  The BPJS can also establi [...]

Jawa Pos: Two Draft Local Regulations (Ranperda) Approved Today

07 Jan 2016

Within one year, from January to December 2015, AIPHSS of East Java Province provided technical and financial supports to East Java Provincial Health Office with regard to the drafting of two (2) local regulations (Perda), namely Perda on Provincia [...]

Nutrition and the Basic Benefits Package for Universal Health Coverage

28 Dec 2015

Policy Note [1] [2]   Background The Government of Indonesia recently joined the global Scaling Up Nutrition Movement to bolster efforts to reduce malnutrition.  Known as the “First 1000 Days of Life Movement”,  or 1000 HPK, the Movement [...]

Defining and Managing the Pharmaceutical Benefit Component under the Indonesia Universal Health Insurance Program

21 Dec 2015

Policy Note [1] [2]   An Ambitious Effort to Achieve Universal Coverage in Indonesia Indonesia is currently in the process of preparing the merger of existing insurance systems (PT Askes — covering public servants; Jamsostek — covering for [...]

Monitoring and Evaluating Expansion of Health Coverage: Indonesia Expanding Coverage “Information Dashboard” Pilots

14 Dec 2015

 Policy Notes [1]   Health Coverage Background The Government of Indonesia (GOI) has initiated a social security reform process by promulgating Law No. 40 on National Social Security System in 2004 (SJSN Law) and Law No. 24 on Social Security [...]
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Policy Brief: Quality and Safety of Health Care

04 Dec 2015

Health Sector Reviews Policy Brief*   In Indonesia, attention to quality has focused on resource inputs and on access to healthcare. But investment in these will be lost and the national and international goals of improved health outcomes, safet [...]

Tracking Local Health Costs Through District Health Account (DHA) -AIPHSS Success Story

20 Nov 2015

AIPHSS Success Story Since early 2014, the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Health Systems Strengthening (AIPHSS) has been helping selected districts in East Nusa Tengarra (NTT) and East Java to develop their District Health Accounts (DHAs). DHA i [...]
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“Write what you do, and do what you write” – AIPHSS Success Stories

10 Nov 2015

  The quality and management of health services remain important challenges for Indonesia’s health care system. External assessments of health care quality started with the establishment of the National Accreditation Body, known as KARS, or Co [...]

GovInsider: At last! Indonesian district starts tracking health costs

03 Nov 2015

At last! Indonesian district starts tracking health costs Bondowoso district analysing spending information to tailor services.      By Medha Basu 2 NOV 2015 INNOVATION A district in Indonesia has begun tracking spending data to improve primary h [...]