E-News May 2015

AIPHSS E-News May 2015 – English Version [...]

How To Develop A Case Base Groups (CBG) System

Presented through Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Convention Meeting, Jakarta 27-28 April 2015 Please download here: How to develop a case base groups (CBG) system– [...]

Compilation of Policy Notes : Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage

This compilation consists of 29 Policy Notes that intended to identify issues facing by Indonesian leaders, provide options and alternatives as well as global best practices. The Policy Notes are mostly written by consultants funded by the Australian [...]

2nd Indonesia Health Economics Association Conference (InaHEA), 7-10 April 2015

Health Financing and Economics of Nutrition Indonesia continues to have a high prevalence of under-nutrition in children under the age of five and is not on track to meet the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) of halving the prevalence of underweigh [...]

Health Sector Review 2014

Dra Nina Sardjunani MA, Ministry of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) stated that the Indonesian health sector is facing increasingly complex challenges. Whilst the health sector needs to adapt to a number of agreements and standards of [...]

Strengthening Access To Quality Health Care

Indonesia has experienced rapid economic growth. However health outcomes, particularly for women and children in rural communities, remain very low. A poor referral system in Indonesia is an enormous barrier to the economic development as people are [...]
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Human Resources for Health Legislation Improves Access To Provincial Health Care

Restrictive national regulations on appointing health workers have limited the possibilities for Provinces to innovate and find local solutions to the shortage of health workers. Provincial governments lack the authority to plan and manage their heal [...]

Minimum Service Standards (MSS)

The development of Minimum Service Standards (MSS) is included to the Law (UU) No. 23 of 2014 related to the distribution of governance affairs and authority between the central and regional governments (province and district/city) which are regulate [...]
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Distribution Of Affairs And Authority In Health Sector According To Law No. 23 of 2014

The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Health Systems Strengthening (AIPHSS) through the Association of Provincial, District/City Health Offices (ADINKES) has supported the revision of Law No.32 of 2004 to become Law No. 23 of 2014, in particular re [...]