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Empowering Midwives And Nurses In Rural Health Centres

12 Dec 2014

One way to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates is to ensure that competent and trained nurse and midwives are available at health care centres. The availability of qualified and competent nurses and midwives must be sufficient to address the [...]

Improving Governance and Accountability through District Health Accounts (DHA)

12 Dec 2014

Utilisation of good quality data in a timely manner to inform health sector planning and advocate for the health needs of the local community are the core functions of a district health office. These functions are also required to support the improve [...]

Health Sector Review-Dissemination Seminar, Jakarta 28 November 2014

04 Dec 2014

Health Sector Review Dissemination Seminar (Infographic) [...]

Policy Brief : Health Sector Review

02 Dec 2014

Download Policy Brief : Health Sector Review on PDF [...]

Health Sector Review: Consolidated Report

02 Dec 2014

In preparing the Technocratic Draft of the 2015-2019 National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN), the Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency (KemenPPN/Bappenas) has coordinated the preparation of the Health S [...]
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Successful Innovation: Long Distance Education for Midwives and Nurses (PJJ)

03 Oct 2014

This initiative is the first distance education program offered by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and supported by AIPHSS Program to improve the competency and skills of midwives and nurses. The course targets health workers from rural and isolated com [...]

AIPHSS Achievement

03 Oct 2014

For details please click here [...]

BONDOWOSO Success Story: Improving Governance and Accountability through District Health Account (DHA)

01 Oct 2014

“When we review the calculation of DHA on health expenditures in Bondowoso, it appears that the allocation of funds for public health efforts (UKM) is smaller than for the individual health efforts (UKP)”. “This suggests that the health fun [...]

NGADA Success Story: Improving Governance and Accountability Through District Health Account (DHA)

01 Oct 2014

“For Ngada district, the results of DHA studies are very important as inputs for policy evaluation and as a basis for the district government in improving the health financing system". “Ngada district health office, with the support of AIPHSS [...]