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“Write what you do, and do what you write” – AIPHSS Success Stories

  The quality and management of health services remain important challenges for Indonesia’s health care system. External assessments of health care quality started with the establishment of the National Accreditation Body, known as KARS, or Co [...]
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Improving the Health Referral System-A Success Story

AIPHSS E-news: Improving the health referral system – a success story Please click here to access : AIPHSS E-News October 2015 – English Version [...]

BONDOWOSO Success Story: Improving Governance and Accountability through District Health Account (DHA)

“When we review the calculation of DHA on health expenditures in Bondowoso, it appears that the allocation of funds for public health efforts (UKM) is smaller than for the individual health efforts (UKP)”. “This suggests that the health fun [...]

NGADA Success Story: Improving Governance and Accountability Through District Health Account (DHA)

“For Ngada district, the results of DHA studies are very important as inputs for policy evaluation and as a basis for the district government in improving the health financing system". “Ngada district health office, with the support of AIPHSS [...]

TTU Success Story: Strengthening Access to Quality Health Services Reduces Poverty

“With the Bupati regulation on Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of Individual Health Referral System, it is expected that morbidity and mortality rate in Timor Tengah Utara (TTU) district could be reduced. Similarly, the implementation of [...]
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JATIM Success Story: Health System Improves Access, Efficiency, Effectiveness of Individual Health Services

"East Java Province needs a local health regulation (Perda) to better manage its health human resources. The regulation will improve better health access, quality, efficiency and effectiveness”. “The process of legal drafting of this regulatio [...]
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PJJ Success Story: Empowering Nurses and Midwives for Rural Health

"The competencies of human resources for health still need to be improved regularly through education and training. Especially for those 116,000 nurses and midwives in the disadvantages areas, borders and island (DTPK) and regions with health problem [...]