Compilation of Policy Notes : Health Financing and Universal Health Coverage

This compilation consists of 29 Policy Notes that intended to identify issues facing by Indonesian leaders, provide options and alternatives as well as global best practices.

The Policy Notes are mostly written by consultants funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) through Australia Indonesia Partnership for Health Systems Strengthening (AIPHSS) Program. About 30 percent have been written by global experts from the Nossal Institute in Australia, University of New South Wales, the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, the Joint Learning Network, and the faculty of the University of Indonesia.


  1. What happened to the Capitation Payment for Primary Care?
  2. Indonesia Must Develop its Own Grouper: Refinement of the INA CBGs for Hospitals
  3. Regulating Assets and Liabilities: Not Necessary in a Modern Social Insurance Organization
  4. Information Systems and the BPJS: Key Next Steps and By When
  5. Principles of Piloting in the Health Sector-The Global Experience
  6. Where are the Monitoring Indicators?
  7. From Whom to Buy? Contracting Health Services for Improved Cost and Quality in Indonesia
  8. Monitoring and Evaluating Expansion of Health Coverage: Indonesia Expanding Coverage “ Information Dashboard” Pilots
  9. Universal Health Coverage and Health Care Accreditation in Indonesia
  10. Smoking and Universal Health Coverage : What is the Connection?
  11. Primary Health Care and SJSN in the District Health Systems Context
  12. Defining and Managing the Pharmaceutical Benefit Component under the Indonesia Universal Health Insurance Program
  13. Developing the Enabling Factors or “Pre-Conditions” for Provider Payment Reforms udner BPJS: Is Indonesia Ready?
  14. Nutrition and the Basic Benefits Package for Universal Health Care Coverage
  15. The Political Economy of Universal Health Coverage Implications for Indonesia
  16. How to Reach the Unreached in Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN)
  17. Phasing-in of the INA-VNGs
  18. Health Workforce in Indonsia-Availability of Workforce to Deliver Universal Health Coverage
  19. Closing the Gap-The Global Experience Providing Health Insurance Coverage for Informal Sector Workers
  20. Who Does What? Charting a Future Course for MoH in Indonesia
  21. Physicians, Incentives and Rural Placement
  22. Considerations for Establishing a Health Technology Assesment Process or Program
  23. Republic of Korea (South Korea):Extending Health Coverage to the Informal Sector
  24. Becoming a Strategic Purchaser: Some Ideas for BPJS
  25. What Can Be Done About Public Health Enemy #1?
  26. Making Government Work: The Case of BPJS
  27. Research and Evaluation: The Role of BPJS
  28. Jamkesda: Or the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg for UHC
  29. Public-Private Partnership in Health Sector? When?

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